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We encourage and support the continuation of relationships beyond prison.

As we continue to learn about the importance of relationships formed while on the inside, we work to focus our attention on the value of relationship in the conversation around reentry.

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Firefly and the Tree of Unity

We collaborate with our incarcerated community on creating innovative approaches to engage youth and invite them into the conversations on accountability, restoration and resiliency - bridging the gap between harm and healing. 


We work with the members of our program, supporting them with gaining deeper insight and awareness into themselves. 

Utilizing the practice of circle, the men learn the skills of holding space for themselves and others; through story telling and witnessing, the men strengthen their ability to practice and model vulnerability, empathy, compassion and acceptance. 

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We offer a restorative approach to guiding participants of our weekly class - The First Step - through a number of topics where they can explore their childhoods; identify correlations between unresolved childhood experiences and present day thoughts, feelings and behaviors; and create futures that speak to the fullness of each of them as human beings. 

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