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Our primary focus is to offer an in-prison program, our 28-week curriculum, The First Step. With that, we have found that the relationships that are built during the group experience are long-lasting; the bonds created inside, and the community built between inside and out require a level of care and follow-through in support of folks continuing on thier journeys of healing and expansion. 

As we continue to learn and expand, we aim to provide a level of intentional care that meets the needs of our folks - both inside prisons, as well as when they are released and move on to rebuild their lives. 

In order for any of us to begin to unravel and rewrite the narratives about who we are in this world, we must be surrounded by community and feel a deep sense of belonging; it is our intention to show up in ways that many of those we support have not experienced before, and to mirror their innate value as human beings in this world. It is through building up people that we contribute to breaking down and disrupting cycles of harm. 

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