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Pouring Sand

We cannot do this work without you! Providing healing spaces for those who are incarcerated, those coming home, as well as for those who are in need in our communities, is only possible by your generous support. 


Kid C.A.T. needs your support to ensure we can continue and expand our mission, providing access to healing spaces and disrupting cycles of harm.  

Whether you can donate one time, or become  a recurring donor, your support acts as an investment not only in the services we provide, but more importantly in the lives of those we serve. 


Consider becoming a recurring donor (by simply pressing the "Monthly" button), and your consistent support guarantees that the work of Kid C.A.T. continues, creating an expansive ripple effect of lasting transformation. 

Thank you for your contribution - your belief in our work, your position as a community member and stakeholder, and as someone who commits to healing and change. 

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