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Meet the CMC Alumni


David Campbell

David looks forward to the day when he is able to bring awareness to youth who quite possibly are in a place of thinking he once was in.


Richie Tran

Richie now accepts who he is, and not who others want him to be. He has found that he is a caring person - one who cares about himself and others.


Carlos Orosco

Carlos was recently granted parole. We look forward to sharing his experiences with reentry with you all very soon!

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Deshawn Bateman

Dashawn decided to change his life around in 2012 when his sister died. He has since drawn closer to God and has become a man that values human life.


Daniel Garcia

Holding his "miracle niece" for the first time gave Danny a moment of awakening to the true precious value of life.


Osa Inthavong

In isolation, Osa has leanred that he doesn't need to be anyone but himself. Today, he finds peace within.

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Donnie Gooden

Donnie left his affiliation with the gang life in 2015, when he began introducing himself as Donnie - his real name. Today, he identifies himself first as a husband and father.


Ed Knox

Today, Emmanuel "Ed" Knox aspires to be the difference in other people's lives, in ways he believes he needed when he was a teen and his life felt unmanageable.


Mike Zambrano

Mike continues to struggle with his insecurities, but now sees his journey as one that makes him human.


Michael Purintun

Through sharing his story, Michael hopes to help others before it is too late. He is full of hope and looks forward to the day when he has the opportunity to share his story with many more.

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