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Meet Patrick Robinson
Board President

Patrick Robinson is the founder and owner of VSV Leadership, a consultancy specializing in organizational leadership, design thinking, and data/management opportunities. In 2020, he founded “Prosecution Leaders of Now,” a national leadership development community for prosecutors featuring coursework hosted by Stanford University Graduate School of Business’s Executive Education. Prior to starting his own business, Patrick led strategy and grant-making for innovation in prosecution at a national philanthropic foundation.
Patrick is an experienced military prosecutor and former Special Assistant US Attorney in the Western District of Texas. During his service in the U.S. Army, Patrick served as a prosecutor and defense counsel, and he deployed to Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom as a Special Operations Joint Task Force legal advisor. Following his military service, Patrick returned to school as a Pat Tillman Scholar, earning his MBA from Stanford University and graduating as an Arjay Miller Scholar.

Why is it important for me to be on the Kid C.A.T. board?

Kid C.A.T. will help bring about a world in which safety, healing, and accountability are for everyone. That's an awesome future to be invited to join, so of course I said yes to the board invitation. 


I believe in the Kid C.A.T. mission and its founder/leader, Mike. Healing and repair are foundational skills as well as powerful mindsets. When we cultivate our skills in healing and repair, and we deliberately adopt them as our mindset, we can—together—b​e our whole, true selves. Kid C.A.T. embodies this spirit, and I'm thrilled to support the people of Kid C.A.T. and their impact. 


Part of my motivation is also to seek out experiences in which I can continue to grow and learn; I have so much to learn from the Kid C.A.T. community, and I'm eager for the space to engage. 


Finally, I believe it's important to work with people who inspire me. Serving on the Kid C.A.T. board does all of that and more. 

What is important to me about Kid C.A.T. and our work?

I believe in both the people of Kid C.A.T. and how Kid C.A.T. approaches its work. The people of Kid C.A.T. embody hope, healing, resilience, and repair. The approach of Kid C.A.T.—​transformation through and in community—is a powerful pathway to healing for everyone who experience it. Together, the people and approach of Kid C.A.T. reveal more of what it means to be human than anything else I have experienced. 


Do you want to learn more about my work with Kid C.A.T.? Are you interested in learning how you can support, get involved, and collaborate? Let's connect.  

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