About Us

Taking The First Step to becoming a group

We are the members of Kid C.A.T. at the California Men's Colony (CMC).

We are currently in the process of team building and learning how to deepen in our relationships as a group, as well as learn new skills as facilitators. Beginning September, 2022 we will begin offering our class, The First Step, to other folks in our community.


CMC Members

Circle Keepers for our Community

We are a group committed to learning skills so that we can better serve our community members, both inside and out. 

Using Restorative Justice practices and values as a framework, we offer a group experience to others, using circle process as a way to deepen in relationship to self and community. 

Our time together involves addressing childhood trauma, unraveling the layers of self, exploring the impact of harm, as well as creating space for growth and healing.