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Welcome to Kid C.A.T.

We envision being in community, bridging the gap between harm and healing, transforming lives from the inside out.

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Harm does not occur in a vacuum, and harm caused by an individual is very rarely the first time they have witnessed or felt harm.  People learn through exposure and example, and often scenes of harm or violence are threaded into the development of children through first hand experience.  Unfortunately, these  unanswered and unaddressed issues have the potential for escalation, and potential incarceration.  


Kid C.A.T. is a prison program created by and for youth offenders to uncover and process the conditions that lead to their circumstance.  The story of Kid C.A.T. did not start in prison -- it started with the experienced harms, traumas, and lack of answers  -- and in the sentencing that could have been avoided if as children many of our youth offenders had the support and tools  they needed in order resolve their external and internal conflicts.  Built from the inside out, Kid C.A.T. first sought to facilitate a program based on the missing needs and unanswered questions many of our members had in common.  Through the principles of accountability and restoration,  Kid C.A.T.’s  ‘The First Step’ curriculum gives its members the space, language, tools, support and capacity to grow beyond their station in life.


Over time Kid C.A.T. has seen many of its members leave the correctional system and go on to become functionally integrated and beloved members of their community.  Currently, we are working to support these transitions, and find ways for our members to be resources to the youth today who are quietly struggling with the same issues and conditions our members know all too well.

This video covers topics that may bring up a number of feelings for viewers. It is best to emotionally prepare yourself, first, before watching. 


Roderick M.,
The First Step Graduate

I feel empowered when I am in Kid C.A.T.! When I speak in this group, it feels great; I am so proud that I am able to express my inner self.

Samuel Robison, Ret. Lt.,
San Quentin State Prison

Kid C.A.T. has always been one of my proudest ventures! I just knew it created a path to speak to and influence a completely different audience. The Founders put in the work and brought magic to it.


Mike Z., Chairman
California Men's Colony

I am proud of the conversations I have had in this program; it shows that people feel safe to share.

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